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In 1929, Mr. Mehtab Uddin Hashmi founded with a clear vision to bring quality Natural Medicine to society at large. He, a prominent, Natural capsule physician & researcher, was highly inspired by Charaka (father of Indian Natural Medicine). According to him ‘Natural medicine’ stands apart from other alternative therapeutic systems, but because of its way of approach and the well-developed treatment methods & regular efforts of late Hakeem Hashmi, the whole world recognized ‘Natural’ as a unique system of medicine as compare to Allopathic & Homeopathy medicine. Since its start, Hashmi Mart, inspired from Charaka Samhita, has been focusing on developing safe, usual & innovative Natural treatments that will helps in improving sustainable health of mankind. Since extra than 8 decade, we, Hashmi Mart, work hard to endow safe, effective & affordable medicines to the people globaly.

Hashmi Mart has team of world class experts who manufacture medicine & regularly research on new herbs to make more & more medicine to help mankind. As we are in Pharmaceuticals manufacturing, we have well recognized infrastructural laboratory & manufacturing unit as well as headquarters, which is furnished with the latest machinery & technologies. We have separate in house testing laboratory to check quality of capsule. For over 86 years Hashmi Mart is committed to its consumers & its distributers to maintain excellence & quality in all aspects of our processes & business criteria. We respect state & also integrity of our consumers & distributors & maintain high standard ethical relationship with our employees, doctors, researchers, consumers & distributers & stakeholders. Hashmi Mart offer following Infrastructure Facilities to our staff:-

  • World class headquarters completely equipped with computers & communicating system from where all units of Mart were managed & maintained.
  • International Manufacturing machinery & greatly equipped in house R&D & testing labs.
  • Provides schools & college ability to loved ones of needed staff.
  • Proper training centre to inform staff with latest technology & also to teach new recruited to staff.
  • Hospital & medical facility.

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