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symptoms, causes, diet and treatment for leucorrhea

Leucorrhoea White discharge (vaginal discharge) also known as leucorrhea which is a common situation that has been experienced by women of all ages, at some moment in time. This is because of the fact that the female genitals are sensitive and infection can occur easily because they are moist and covered at most times. Moreover, women tend to sweat a ...

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Lower Abdominal Pain Treatment Home Remedies

Abdominal pain is the pain which is felt in the abdomen. It can be because of some injury, something eaten which is not right or some kind of anviral infection. In the case of women, it can be even at the time of menstrual cycle and because of many other factors too. Stomach pain is a very common problem among ...

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Home Remedies Leucorrhea

Are you familiear with the term “Leucorrhea”? What is it? It is basically a white vaginal discharge that natural occure in the women body. This discharge is vital to maintain the health of female and if it changes constantly then medical attention is required in order to prevent infection. Some common symptoms of Leucorrhea: The symptoms of leucorrhea may vary ...

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Home remedies for white discharge in women

White discharge is the normal discharge from the vagina in a woman. It is mainly during the menstrual period and also at the time of pregnancy or child birth. It is milky white in colour and has a foul smell. The excess of it is a matter of concern and should be treated with immediate effect. Any girl when starting ...

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Natural Medicine for Leucorrhea

Leucorrhoea is a symptom of many diseases strange to women. It is basically a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. It usually happens during intervals between menstruation cycles and usually lasts from a week to months. Moreover, it is consider as chronic diseases as if it is not treated properly and on time then it continue forever. What are the ...

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Effective Home Remedies for Leucorrhea Treatment

Leucorrhea is a medical term and can be understood as a kind of vaginal discharge in women. Vaginal secretion in controlled amount is a naturally occurring process during different phases of the reproductive cycle and during pregnancy. But if you are facing the problem of excessive white discharge which is sticky and thick and the color of the secretion vary ...

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