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symptoms, causes, diet and treatment for leucorrhea

Leucorrhoea White discharge (vaginal discharge) also known as leucorrhea which is a common situation that has been experienced by women of all ages, at some moment in time. This is because of the fact that the female genitals are sensitive and infection can occur easily because they are moist and covered at most times. Moreover, women tend to sweat a ...

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Dealing with Discharge Problems in Females

It is a well known fact that “Prevention is always better than cure”. This statement holds true for almost all the different medical conditions. But in case of the Discharge Problems in Females it gets very tough to get completely rid of the excessive white vaginal discharge in spite of taking all the necessary preventive measures. The main question is ...

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Leukorrhea in Early Pregnancy – Is this a Matter of Concern?

Female hormones undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy and the result can be very confusing, especially for women who are completely new to the whole experience. One of the major problems to deal with is the discharge problems in women. If there is a considerable amount of change in the monthly cycle, then it is probably due to pregnancy. ...

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White Discharge After Period

The vaginal discharge is of great help in moistening and cleaning the vagina. This also fight and prevents infection. But the color and texture of the vaginal discharge can vary depending on the menstrual cycle of a female. A normal White Discharge After Period and before the beginning of the menstrual cycle is a normal process and is not a ...

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Leucorrhea Before Period in women

Different levels of vaginal discharge are usually experienced in women before the periods. White vaginal discharge is one of the types that can occur because of various reasons. It is important to know that a certain amount of white milky discharge or Leucorrhea Before Periods is normal, but only if it is not accompanied by any other symptoms. It is ...

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