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Causes of Excessive White Discharge in Women

Generally the vaginal discharge in women is nothing to worry about and the appearance and quantity can differ during the monthly menstrual cycle. It is a naturally occurring process and before the egg or ovulation, the mucus is produced in large amount. It is more elastic and watery during the menstrual cycle. In fact, some of the women opt for panty liners during this time to avoid the uncomfortable feeling. But you must always pay attention to any kind of vaginal secretion. Excessive white discharge in women is not normal and can require treatment. If the color of the discharge is green or yellowish and appears like cheese with foul smell then definitely you need to see a doctor. There are glands located on the female cervix and the vagina, which secrete liquid in small amounts. This discharge comes out of the vagina on a daily basis and this secretion will also contain the old cells that are lined inside the vagina. This is a process to keep your vagina free from infections and clean. This naturally occurring secretion is usually milky or clear and do not have a foul odor.
But the discharge varies in thickness as well as the color undergoes change with the monthly periods. The thickness of the vaginal discharge tends to increase when the female ovaries release eggs or during ovulation. Also change will appear when the woman is sexually active, is breast feeding or is pregnant. But apart from all these there are also various discharge problems in women, which needs proper analysis and treatment.
Causes of excessive white discharge in women:-
• The secretion of the white fluid from the vagina is a normal process and is commonly called vaginal discharge. This is a part of the female reproductive cycle and vary from time to time and is generally in excess during the time of ovulation. Mostly the secretion is a fluid consisting of cells and mucus.
• When you are ovulating the consistency of the fluid is elastic and is in the aqueous phase. It becomes stretchy and clear. But you need to pay immediate attention if the discharge is different in color, smells bad or smells like fish, appears like cottage cheese and there are other symptoms like itchiness in the area and also pain.
• Growth of bacteria inside the vagina is the major cause if the excessive white vaginal discharge is accompanied by inflammation. The condition is called Bacterial vaginosis and will require proper Leucorrhea treatment. The overgrowth of the bacteria causes abnormal discharge and also leads to disruption of the natural balance.
• Also, there can be a yeast infection, which is the major cause behind the abnormal vaginal discharge and causes troublesome symptoms like vaginal irritation, excessive discharge and itching.
Apart from these there are other reasons like using dirty undergarments or toilets, sexually transmitted disease, malnutrition, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep and scented products to clean vagina can aggravate the problem of excessive white discharge.

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