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Dealing with Discharge Problems in Females

It is a well known fact that “Prevention is always better than cure”. This statement holds true for almost all the different medical conditions. But in case of the Discharge Problems in Females it gets very tough to get completely rid of the excessive white vaginal discharge in spite of taking all the necessary preventive measures. The main question is how to stop the problem from getting worse and take proper medications. In simple terms vaginal discharge can be understood as the secretion whih comes from the vagina. This kind of discharge is common during the time of child birth or ovulation. The white milky discharge in females occurs as the glands present in the cervix tend to secrete clear mucus. Generally the discharge becomes yellow or white after coming in contact with air. If it is not in excess and not accompanied by any other problem, it is a naturally occurring phenomenon.
At times it is noticed that other factors like sexual excitement, stress or ovulation enhances the amount of secretion. Discharge problems in females are associated with different odor, color or consistency and can be an indication of vaginal infection like yeast or bacterial infection. The problem is also referred to as Leucorrhea in women. It is basically discharge which is uncontrollable and sometimes yellowish, foul smelling and sticky. The reasons for the excessive white milky discharge along with foul smell can vary from imbalance in the naturally occurring flora, hormonal imbalance, yeast infection to STD’s. If not dealt with proper inspection and treatment on time this can result in serious health issues. The medication used in Leucorrhea Treatment can vary from herbal, allopathy to homeopathic. It is to be noted that the white secretion is normal, but the thick discharge which is either foul smelling or different in color is a matter of worry.
Information on Leucorrhea:-
• Leucorrhea is called Shveta padaratha in Ayurveda. The meaning of Shveta is white in color and Padaratha refers to the discharge of fluid. The important point is that under normal conditions this white discharge is due to hormonal changes in the female body.
• But it can be problematic when the discharge continues for many days without any known reason. And can turn out to be a cervix chronic problem if not cured in time.
• The reproductive organs in women are highly susceptible to different kinds of infections as the genitals are generally covered and highly moist. And in case of excessive sweating the chances of getting infected are even more alleviated. Thus, it is very important to maintain proper hygiene and keep the genitals clean for avoiding Discharge Problems in Females.
Leucorrhea can be a difficult condition to live with and can have serious consequences. There are formulations popular by the name of Lady Care Capsules which are effective in the Leucorrhea Treatment. These do not have any side effects. This medication demonstrates antimicrobial action on the genital system and improve the blood circulation in the uterus.


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