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Effective Home Remedies for Leucorrhea Treatment

Leucorrhea is a medical term and can be understood as a kind of vaginal discharge in women. Vaginal secretion in controlled amount is a naturally occurring process during different phases of the reproductive cycle and during pregnancy. But if you are facing the problem of excessive white discharge which is sticky and thick and the color of the secretion vary from yellow, white or green, then it can be a matter of concern. This can vary depending upon the menstrual cycle in women and is hugely affected by the changes in the hormonal levels. Also to be noted that the conditions of Leucorrhea which occur before the menstruation is quite natural. It is important to pay attention to the various signals given by the body and the unforeseen problems associated with the discharge problems in women can be controlled by the proper Leucorrhea Treatment. There are various Home Remedies for Leucorrhea treatment and these can prove to be highly beneficial.

Leucorrhea is generally very common during the time of pregnancy. This happens because of the augmentation in the levels of blood flow to the vagina. This happens as a result of the increase in the production of estrogen. It will be wrong to consider Leukorrhea as a disease. It is basically regarded as by product caused due to some other ailing conditions. Under normal circumstances the body cleanses itself in the form of the discharge. It is a matter of concern only when the discharge problem in women is caused due to vaginal infection like bacterial or yeast infection. A formulation known as Lady Care Capsules are of great help in Leucorrhea treatment.

Common Causes of Excessive White Discharge
During pregnancy the leucorrhea symptoms are caused due to increase in levels of estrogen and increased blood flow to the vagina. Leucorrhea in women who are not pregnant can be due to ovulation, STDs, before the first menstruation or vaginal infection.

Home Remedies for Leukorrhea Treatment

  • A douche can be prepared from tender leaves of Guava. This mixture is very advantageous and acts as a natural astringent.
  • Banana is very helpful in Leucorrhea Treatment. Eating one banana daily along with ghee can cure the discharge problems in women.
  • For relief from the Leucorrhea symptoms mixture of betel nut crushed with sugar and rose petals can be used.
  • One of the very effective remedies in the Leucorrhea Treatment is consuming the rice water left after boiling rice along with sugar.
  • Drinking the water in which the coriander seeds have been soaked overnight can prove to be of great help in the treatment of the excessive white discharge in women.
  • Prepare a mixture from Indian gooseberry (5 grams) and powder of sugar candy (5 grams). This simple home remedy is of immense help in curing the Leucorrhea symptoms.
  • A paste can be made by mixing Smilax China powder and milk. This concoction is known to give great results in curing the vaginal discharge related issues.

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