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Herbal Remedies for Leucorrhea Treatment

A health disorder which is identified by the presence of excessive white vaginal discharge and is known as Leucorrhea. This vaginal secretion can look like viscid and thick fluid. The problem can be identified by the analysis of the symptoms. Leucorrhea symptoms include itching and inflammation in the vagina, tiredness, the black patch formation around eyes, headache, general body weakness, etc. Some of the common causes of the discharge problems in women vary from nutritional deficiency, digestive disorders, unhygienic condition, vaginal infections to hormonal imbalance. Herbal Remedies are one of the safest means used for the Leucorrhea Treatment.
Popular Herbal Remedies:-
• One of the best herbal remedies for curing the excessive white discharge in women is cranberry juice. It is enriched with calcium, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin C, potassium and sodium. It is of great help in treating the various reproductive problems related to Leucorrhea.
• Also, cranberry juice contains hippuric acid, which helps in acidifying urine. This acid is helpful in acting against bacterial infections. It prevents cystitis and infections.
• Another important compound found in this juice is Proanthocyanidins. This basically prevents the sticking of the bacteria to cells of the bladder.
• Another herbal remedy showing amazing results is Fenugreek. It provides relief from Leucorrhea symptoms. This herbal cure has been popular for many years in the Leucorrhea treatment. It consists of steroidal saponins, alkaloids, L tryptophan and lysine.
• These seeds are perfectly safe for both external and internal use. For quick relief the tea prepared from the fenugreek seeds is recommended and is known to show remarkable results. The seeds are also beneficial in curing the various commonly occurring skin irritations, controlling cholesterol, relief from heartburn and to maintain levels of blood sugar.
• Another popular remedy is ladyfinger which is known to be effective in Leucorrhea treatment. The decoction of ladyfinger is prepared by boiling it in water. Generally the patients suffering from vaginal discharge related problems are recommended to include ladyfinger in diet consumed on a daily basis. It helps in stabilizing blood sugar, reduce constipation, helps in digestion, and maintain the cholesterol levels.
• Coriander seed is one of the safest remedy to cure Leucorrhea symptoms. Patients facing the problem of excessive vaginal discharge are advised to have lots of water in which the coriander seeds have been soaked overnight. Also, it can be used in the recipes as a flavoring agent. It is known to be helpful in curing the problems associated with the stomach, enhance the strength of immune system, effective against insomnia and gives relief from burning sensation associated with genitals in females.
• Amaranth root is a very effective Leucorrhea herbal remedy. The patients are recommended to consume water in which the roots have been mixed. This water when consumed twice daily is known to show remarkable results. This also prevents various respiratory disorders and premature ageing effects.
Another perfectly safe and effective medication known to be very helpful in curing the Leucorrhea symptoms is Lady Care Capsules.

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