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Home remedies for white discharge in women

White discharge is the normal discharge from the vagina in a woman. It is mainly during the menstrual period and also at the time of pregnancy or child birth. It is milky white in colour and has a foul smell. The excess of it is a matter of concern and should be treated with immediate effect. Any girl when starting her periods has a constant discharge but again this is not with everybody. Some girls undergo this but that is considered normal if under control.

Causes and symptoms:
The normal white discharge in women is known as leucorrhoea unless it is caused out of some vaginal infection, any sexually transmitted diseases, any hormonal problem, problem in the cervical or ovulation or any other factor.

The major cause of this problem is our unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle.

Another reason for the flow of white discharge is the amount of toxins present in the body.

Sometimes it can also be accompanied by other symptoms like fatigue, pelvic pain or constipation. If it is accompanied by itching, soreness and redness, it sure signalizes an infection. Since white discharge can be pretty bothering for women.

If the discharge is constant with itching, foul smell, inflammation at times, redness then immediately consult the doctor. Without any hesitation discuss your problem with your gynaecologist before it is too late to cure. Sometimes that problem might appear to be that serious that it might take the shape of some major disease like cancer and can have adverse consequences.

Also if the colur of the discharge changes then also it is again a matter of concern.

Sometimes women also become irritated and volatile. They get prone to frustration and anger. Excessive white discharge in women makes her weak and she loses her ability to be normal.

Home remedies for white discharge in women
We all know that white discharge is not a diseases unless in excess. We also know that if any symptom adverse symptom appears then it is always good to take quick action or preventive measures as prevention is always better than cure.

The best of its treatment is the various home remedies as these are safe ways of controlling and curing a problem. Fenugreek seeds, whole gram are certain ingredients which can be taken to sort out this problem. Some women have found relief after using tampons soaked in curd. Curd seems to balance the bacteria in the vaginal area and to prevent the bad ones from overgrowing.

Having lots n lots of fluids and good intake of water can also overcome this problem but if the concern is big then a visit to the doctor is a must.

Along with amazing home remedies, in Ayurveda, homeopathy and in allopathy, great treatments are there which can help get rid of this problem and also allow the women to gain her normal strength and live a normal course of life.

Take good care of yourselves by eating healthy and also eating the right kind of food to maintain internal balance.

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