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How to get rid of heavy discharge

Amongst the many challenges a women faces is another challenge of the physical and natural process of the menstrual cycle, child bearing and birth and the many challenges associated with it. Amidst all this the stress and tensions of life are also another factor for the occurrence of this problem.
When a girl enters her puberty, there are certain changes in her body, breast growing, beginning of the menstrual cycle and many other changes. Many of the girls also have heavy white discharge flow. The discharge is considered normal if it has a normal flow but if excessive then it is a matter of concern and worry and should be checked regularly.
Women should take good care of their health as the many hormonal changes in the body needs to be balanced. A good diet, proper exercise and proper hygiene are some of the factors which need to be taken care of.
A good and perfect care of the genitals is a must. Sharing of toilet articles and making use of public toilet without cleaning or wiping it can cause vaginal infection. Keeping unhygienic conditions, forgetfulness, making excessive use of vaginal medicines can all lead to infection.
Drink plenty of water to remove the toxins from the body.
A healthy diet is another factor which helps to get rid of heavy discharge.
Wear the kind of lingerie which is not synthetic and comfortable with the skin. Cotton is the best material to be worn especially in summers.
Do no wear very tight lingerie.
If indulging in sex with your partner or masturbating doubly ensure that you and your partner both have washed your genitals thoroughly and your hands washed before masturbating respectively.

The heavy discharge in a women makes her feel weak all the time, she gets tired easily and develops an irritant behaviour.
Sometimes because of the excessive flow, the vagina gets swollen and there is heaviness on the lower side which makes the women uncomfortable and even problem in walking, resting or moving around. So a number of problems arise because of heavy discharge.
Leucorrhoea can become a complicated and complex problem if it is not nipped in the bud. A minor symptom of its occurrence should immediately be looked after and taken care of.
Avoid using fragranced cosmetics and powders as these sometimes are harmful and a cause of infection and other problems.
Avoid spicy food add curd to your diet as it contains lactic acid which helps reduce the discharge along with its cooling effect.
Besides the many remedies and precautions taken, even if the flow does not lessen or stop then consult a good doctor who would thoroughly check and give his advice according to the treatment required.
The many herbs available in Ayurveda also help get rid of this problem without any side effects or damage to the body.
To summarise all, take good care of yourselves and have a radiant life ahead without having much to do about it.

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