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Leucorrhea causes of white discharge

Whitish discharge in women or Leucorrhoea is not a very serious condition till the time it is in control or not accompanied by other symptoms. It can lead to irritation or inflammation in the lining of the female genital organs. It is a normal phenomenon but if in excess it can actually be a sign of vaginal infection. Leucorrhoea can be understood as a simple addition in the routine vaginal secretion and can be foul smelling, viscid and thick. It is a known fact that puberty is associated with extra discharge problems as this is the time when the functions related to the sexual organs are being completely established. There are different types of Leucorrhea namely, vaginal leucorrhea or cervical leucorrhea and the classification is based upon the origin. There are generally other signs also in addition to the milky white discharge. These symptoms can include weakness, backache, general ill health, joint health and inflammation. The causes of the problem need to be properly diagnosed for coming up with appropriate Leucorrhea Treatment. It is always better to consult a medical practitioner rather than deciding the necessary course of medication.

Causes of Leucorrhea:-

1. Hormonal imbalance
2. Inappropriate hygiene conditions
3. Irregular feeding habits
4. Constipation and indigestion
5. Diseases like anemia, menorrhagea and diabetes
6. Vaginal infections
7. Sexually transmitted disease
8. Using scented products for cleaning vagina.
9. Inadequate rest and leading a stressful lifestyle.

There are various symptoms of Leucorrhea and these vary from person to person. Women should especially pay attention to the various signs and seek immediate advice of a well qualified doctor on noticing something unusual or bothersome.

Leucorrhea Symptoms:-
• Longing and irritation in the genitals which gets worse at night time.
• Indigestion
• Constipation
• Vertigo and headache are a commonly occurring problem.
• Excessive discharge observed on the undergarments.
• Embarrassment and stress caused due to the excessive milky white discharge. In some of the cases the vaginal discharge is so heavy that the individual has to use a pad for respite.
Home remedies helpful in Leucorrhea Treatment:-
• A decoction prepared from lady finger and water can be of great help if consumed on a daily basis. This remedy can be very effective in getting relief from the irritation in the genitourinary organs.
• Natural methods are one of the best since they show great results over a period of time and help in improving the overall health of the patient. Fruit diet is recommended sweet like eating lime, papaya, guava, pear and chiku. Eating fruits is a great way to remain healthy. Lemon water when consumed early in the morning can help to keep the various vaginal infections at bay. A wholesome meal consisting of green vegetables, pulses, whole wheat bread and a protein rich diet can be taken for better results.
Apart from these leading a healthy lifestyle, drinking water and getting adequate sleep is considered vital. Washing vagina with neem water gives relief from various troublesome symptoms.

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