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Leucorrhoea treatment in allopathic

Leucorrhoea is also called as white discharge or vaginal discharge. It should be treated only when it is excessive, foul smelling or increased itching at infected area. Most of the time, females get mild discharge from the vagina which increases during sexual thoughts or stimulation, inter-menstrual or pre-menstrual period, during puberty and in the situation of mental stress. Infection of the genitourinary tract also leads to profuse leucorrhoea, which indicates prompt attention.

The main causation can be accounted as follows:

1) Infections
• From FUNGUS – Candida Albicans can easily take birth in moist circumstances and is commonly hiked by synthetic undergarments and poor hygienic condition.
• FROM PARASITES – Protozoa – Trichomonas Vaginalis causes the Trichomoniasis, which spreads usually through sexual intercourse and moist clothes.
• FROM BACTERIA- Gardnerella Vaginalis and Chlamydia are the key causes in bacterial infections. Also, it is commanly seen in venereal diseases like Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and AIDS.
2) Injury – Injury to the vagina or cervix or womb during childbirth, abortion, or excessive sexual indulgence
can cause erosions and infections with discharges.

3) Poor hygienic conditions and lack of cleanliness – non hygienic measures, especially during menses, can create infection and cause leucorrhoea.

4) Diabetes and anaemia can provoke infections due to weakened immunity.

5) Spread of infection from adjacent urinary tract (UTI) or alimentary tract (worms)

6) Irritation of IUCD (Intra uterine contraceptive device) can cause pain and discharges.

7) Sprays and jellies which are used by males for provoking sexual act and jellies and drugs taken by females to kill sperms to avoid conception can also irritate and initiate the infective process.
Symptoms of leucorrhoea – Mostly there won’t be any symptom other than discharge. Discharge may be slimy, viscid to dark coloured or even bloody with a foul smell.

In some cases, the accompanying symptoms are:
• Lower abdominal pain
• Painful sexual act
• Backache and pain in the leg, especially thigh and calf muscles
• Intense itching with odema of vagina
• Soreness and burning in the genital tract
• Burning urination and frequent urge to pass very little urine
• Irritability and lack of concentration in work due to consciousness of discharges
• Digestive disturbances like constipation or diarrhea or vomiting
• General tiredness due to loss of vital fluids as discharges
Conventional treatments for Leucorrhoea

Conventional treatments include Antibiotics such as Nystatin, Natamycin and Povidone.

Advanced Natural therapies

Lady Care natural remedies are traditionally believed to work by addressing the physiological and energetic root causes of Leucorrhea. Our ground breaking capsules traditionally believed to work by balancing the production of hormones and increasing the body’s immunity to overcome the infection.

Our natural approach is traditionally believed to restore your freedom by:
• Increasing the body’s immunity against fungal and yeast infections
• Balancing the secretion of estrogen and progesterone
• Reducing the itching & burning sensation, inflammation and the odor associated with leucorrhoea
Every major ingredient in Lady Care Capsuleshas huge amounts of traditional use data from Ayurveda and is supported by modern studies and trials.

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  1. my wief befor wahite discharge up to 8 year
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  2. I have need to know about the treatment of leucorrhoea.

  3. My wife is suffering from Leukorrhea for the 10-years and hence she is suffering from backache. I have tried a number of herbal/homeopathic medicines as well as allopathic medicines, but in vain. Is there any tested treatment of Leukorrhea. If the answer is yes, then what and how much it would cost to treat her as well as how much time it will take.

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