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Leukorrhea and Infertility

Some amount of vaginal discharge is experienced by every woman. It is considered as the natural mechanism of the vagina so that the chemical balance is maintained. This discharge helps in preserving the natural elasticity of the tissues in the vagina. But if there is a drastic increase in the discharge quantity and there is excessive white discharge then it can be a Leucorrhea symptom. But just in case the discharge is yellow in color and foul smelling, it can be a sign of cancer or infection. One of the most common causes of Leucorrhea is the imbalance in level of estrogen and some other hormones. Basically estrogen is that hormone which is associated with controlling different functions in female body and is a sex hormone. As a matter of fact imbalance of hormones and estrogen can be one of the major causes of infertility,. So Leucorrhea and infertility are related, but it is the various causes of Leucorrhea that can make it difficult for a woman to conceive. Visiting a reputed gynecologist is the best way to deal with the problem.

Reasons for the excessive white discharge or Leucorrhea in large amount:-
The normal kind of leucorrhea is perfectly transparent or white and there is no smell. But in case of abnormal discharge problem there will be an unpleasant vaginal odor, abnormal color of discharge and drastic increase in the quantity of the secretion. Few of the reasons behind the problem are listed below-
1. The clinical augmentation in Leucorrhea occurs with changes in sex hormones in women. But in case of instability in the menstrual cycle, ovarian failure in an early sage the discharge will be less in quantity. If the female is perfectly healthy, then the discharge is noticed in controlled quantity after and before periods or during ovulation.
2. There is a noticeable increase in Leucorrhea during pregnancy also. This is due to the fact that there is an increase in the sex hormones, which eventually lead to increase in the secretion of thick mucous.
3. Also the vaginal discharge increases in women who are sexually active. There is a connection between the stimulation and increase in the discharge. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon.
4. In today’s competitive world women are constantly under a lot of stress. This also leads to an increase in the vaginal discharge.
5. If the discharge is followed by other problematic symptoms, then it can be due to several reasons. Vaginal infections, STDs, using public toilets, unhygienic conditions, etc. are some of the common reasons leading to abnormal vaginal discharge.

When females notice the vaginal discharge and find out that it is leucorrhea the first thing to be done is to carefully examine the state and appearance and consult a doctor. Improving living conditions, developing healthy eating and sleeping habits, eating proper diet can be of great help in getting relief from Leucorrhea symptoms. But bloody discharge, fish like odor of discharge, purulent secretion can be a sign of worry.

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