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Leukorrhea in Early Pregnancy – Is this a Matter of Concern?

Female hormones undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy and the result can be very confusing, especially for women who are completely new to the whole experience. One of the major problems to deal with is the discharge problems in women. If there is a considerable amount of change in the monthly cycle, then it is probably due to pregnancy. Leucorrhea in Early Pregnancy is generally not a matter of concern if it is not accompanied by any other troublesome symptoms. The vaginal discharge under normal circumstances is white and can have milky appearance and mild odor.
What causes discharge during pregnancy?
• It is the increased levels of the hormone known as estrogen, which causes the increase in the amount of discharge during pregnancy. In some women this discharge is a sign of ovulation while in others this can be due to ovulation. As the mucus is secreted after the dilation of the cervix, the secretion looks like egg whites. Sometimes women can also notice some blood along with the discharge. But consulting a doctor is always recommended to ensure that all is well.
• The point to be noted is that the white discharge is usually normal, but if it is of any other color and there are other symptoms like spotting, irritation, swelling, etc. these can be signs of vaginal infection or other problem like ectopic pregnancy.
• Inflammation of the vulva, burning or itching in the genital area needs immediate examination by the doctor. Strong smell like that of fish, gray, brownish or yellow colored discharge can be due to a vaginal infection. This can also be caused by a sexually transmitted disease, hormonal imbalance or any other such problem.

So if the discharge during the early pregnancy is of any color other than white its inspection is important to rule out the chances of any major problem. In some women excessive vaginal discharge is one of the foremost symptom of pregnancy. The discharge quantity can vary from one female to another, but in controlled amounts the secretion is considered perfectly normal. But profuse or offensive vaginal discharge accompanied by irritation, soreness or any pain indicates some problem.

In Leucorrhea the white vaginal discharge has a milky appearance and subsides on its own. The discharge is typical in case of pregnancy and comprises of the fluids from cervix and vagina and of the cells from the vaginal walls and bacteria which are naturally occurring. Any discharge requires treatment when it causes embarrassment and trouble. Bacterial and viral infections can prove to be fatal, especially during pregnancy.

Any kind of treatment can be opted for depending upon the comfort level of the patient. Various herbal or natural remedies are chosen by the patients since they are perfectly safe and give relief from Leucorrhea symptoms. Allopathy and Ayurveda also offer different kinds of treatments but it is always advisable to consult a doctor and get a thorough analysis of the condition before following any particular course of treatment.

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