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Leukorrhea Side Effects

In most of the ladies the clear vaginal discharge which occurs occasionally is absolutely normal. But having excessive white vaginal discharge can be an indication of vaginal infection. Leucorrhea is the term associated with the discharge problems in women and can be understood as a gynecological trouble. The condition can be easily identified as the presence of white discharge from the genitals in women. Generally the milky white vaginal discharge is due to some infection associated with the vagina or the uterus tissues. It is also considered sometimes as an anomaly associated with the reproductive organs in females. As a matter of fact, this situation can become chronic if not cured in time. For this an effective Leucorrhea treatment can be helpful which can be followed only after correct diagnosis of the condition.

But you need not freak out on noticing any vaginal discharge as it the natural way of the body for keeping the vagina germ free, clean and lubricated. The clear discharge which appears periodically is usually clear and thin and is mostly experienced around the menstrual cycle. It is also to be noted that the general appearance of the discharge can undergo various changes due to several factors. These factors vary from pregnancy, ovulation to breastfeeding. The normal vaginal discharge can also appear slightly different due to the change in the pH of the vagina. Some of the other reasons for this change can include perfume sprays or deodorant soaps which add to the problem. A colored or clearly white discharge generally means that the problem is due to a bacterial or yeast infection. It can also appear as cottage cheese or simply very thin or clumpy.

The yellow or brown colored discharge which can be either thin or thick is a sign of bacterial infection. If it has been properly diagnosed and the various symptoms point towards Leucorrhea then one of the most effective medications is the Lady Care Capsules which are completely safe and have no side effects. Proper Leucorrhea Treatment helps in providing relief from the various side effects of Leucorhea.
Information on Leucorrhea Side Effects:-
It may become a chronic problem, if it is not checked in time. Leucorrhoea must be treated timely before it becomes chronic. Some of the side effects of the discharge problems in women or Leucorrhea are listed below:
1. Itching around genitals and vagina with soreness and inflammation.
2. Frequently occurring constipation and head pains which can be very difficult to cope up with.
3. Irritability and general weakness.
4. Discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen area which can get aggravated in worst cases.
5. Discomfort in the lumber area.
6. Lifelessness of skin.
7. Prominent dark circles beneath eyes.
8. Yellowish or Off-white colored vaginal discharge.
9. Fatigue and stress.
10. Menstruation pain
11. Vertigo
12. Foul smelling vaginal discharge.
In addition to all these effects Leucorrhea if not cured properly can cause embarrassment. The problem is a cause of stress and anxiety in many women.

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