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When do you exactly know that you are facing a problem?
Any kind of treatment will be of help only after the condition has been diagnosed properly. Only then you can think of opting for the necessary course of medication or remedies. Leucorrhea Symptoms include: – excessive white discharge from vagina, Indigestion, underwear showing discharge, foul smell, weakness, indigestion, constipation, headache, irritation, mood swings, tension, dullness, and prolonged itching in the vagina which can also lead to swelling, redness, abdominal pain and ache in the pelvic area and back.

Leucorrhea and infertility:
Estrogen and hormonal imbalances are a common cause of Leucorrhea and the function of estrogen in the female body is vital. It basically controls different functions of the body. Imbalance of this as well as some other hormone can be a cause of infertility in women. So it is not Leucorrhea but its causes, which can make it difficult for women to conceive. So if you ever notice excessive milky white discharge from the vagina, you should not take it lightly and take necessary steps.

Leucorrhea before periods:
The cervical mucus undergoes constant change due to the various hormonal changes. Throughout the menstruation cycle it changes from dry, sticky to creamy fluid. It is after this that you get the slippery and fertile cervical mucus and this occurs during and before ovulation. You will notice that under normal conditions this fluid will completely dry once the ovulation is over and does not appear until you bleed again. But some of the women notice a lot of yellow or white discharge with mild or no smell. This can be leucorrhea and in a lot of cases the fluid can be a sign of pregnancy. So before you get your periods if you suddenly notice excessive milky, white mucus then this can actually be a sign of pregnancy.

Is Leucorrhea a cause of worry in the early pregnancy?
Any kind of discharge which is in excess or is accompanied by some other symptoms can be a cause of worry during pregnancy. Increased levels of estrogen are one of the common reasons for the increase in the secretion of the white fluids. This is a natural phenomenon, but you need to be sure that it is not caused due to some infection or allergy. So always listen to what your body has to say and consult the specialist if you notice major changes in vaginal secretion.

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