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Necessary steps to be taken for proper management of Leucorrhea:
Leucorrhoea treatment remedies can prove to be of great help in dealing with the problem. In some cases even the simplest measures taken can work wonders.
• Balanced Diet: A well balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits, pulses and green leafy vegetables is highly beneficial to deal with the problem. Excessive discharge leads to weakness in women, hence its very important to have a balanced diet.
• Hygiene: Clean and hygienic condition are of great help against the white discharge condition. Always keep in mind to wear fresh underwear and never share your undergarments. Keep away from stress: You must avoid exertion and stress as these factors will alleviate the problem.
• Neem: You can also wash your vagina daily with neem water.
• Sitz Bath: This may be of great help in dealing with discharge problems in women.
• Exercise: Exercising and yoga is highly advantageous. Some of the aasnas if practiced on a daily basis like Pranayam, Sarvang asana, Vajra aasan, etc. can show amazing results over a period of time.
• Avoid: You should completely avoid eating sour, spicy, fatty and greasy food. In fact, you must eat those food items which are easy to digest.
• Increase immunity: This can be attained by getting proper sleep, resting properly and exercising.
• Include banana, yogurt and cranberry juice in your diet.

Are you looking for some other home remedies for dealing with white discharge in women?
Here are some simple home remedies which can help in dealing with Leucorrhea.
1. Consume the water left after boiling rice daily.
2. Prepare a paste by mixing mango powder with water and apply this paste on your vagina on a daily basis.
3. A tampon which has been soaked in yogurt can be inserted in vagina for relief.
4. Drink the water daily in which the coriander leaves have been soaked overnight.
5. Fenugreek: Fenugreek tea should be consumed regularly.
6. Guava Leaves: You can wash your vagina with the water in which the guava leaves have been overnight.
7. Walnut Leaves: The leaves of walnut are of immense help.

Looking for herbal remedies for treating Leucorrhea?
• Mix 2 parts of bark of pedunculate oak, 3 parts of root stock of winter blooming, 1 part of juniper sprigs and 3parts of leaves of southern blue gum. Take 3 tablespoons of the herb mix and boil it in 1 liter of water. Allow it to brew, decant it and consume 2 tablespoon thrice daily. Also, you can use it for rinsing vagina.

• Mix 3 parts rupturewort tops, 2 parts white dead-nettle blossoms, 3 parts blackberry leaves, 1 part cyclamen blossoms and 3 parts yellow everlasting blossoms. Add water to 3 tablespoons of mix and boil it. After letting it brew for 3 hours decant it. Consume tablespoon of this liquid thrice daily and can also be used for rinsing vagina.

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