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Moderate Treatments of Leukorrhea

Flagyl tablets: Flagyl is commonly known as metronidazole antibiotic, which prevents an umpteen type of infections in vagina, stomach, skin and joints. It stops parasites like protozoa and anaerobic bacteria to manipulate in human body. In other words, Flagyl is a temperate antibiotic that can treat vaginal infection and helps to stop the growth of the bacteria that are causing it.
Flagyl is a cheaper treatment, over the counter treatment of Leucorrhea that’s available in medical terms; gels, creams, and tablets. For leucorrhea, you can take count on the tablets because it’s easy to use as oral medication than a penetrative one. It is also been heralded as the best medication for bacterial vaginonsis, which is a disease of vagina caused by bacteria.
To treat leucorrhoea you can take one Flagyl tablet of 500mg, once a day after your lunch or dinner. You need to take this tablet only for one week. If your problem persists, stop taking the tablet and contact a Gynecologist.
Please note:- You must not use this antibiotic under the following conditions:
1) During pregnancy
2) Liver disease or Crohn’s disease
3) Anemia or leucopenia
4) Seizures
5) Nerve disorders
6) Allergies to metronidazole
Enoxabid tablets: Enoxabid is known as EnoxacinSesquihydrate, another anti-bacterial drug for the treatment of leucorrhoea. It is normally used in the secondary infections of wounds, sexually transmitted diseases, and urinary tract infections. Take one tablet of Enoxabid 400mg tablet once a day along with the Flagyl tablet after lunch or dinner to get rid of vaginal discharge.
Lactacyd® (feminine wash): Vaginal yeast infection, Leucorrhoea isnot a contagious infection though it can disturb the natural environment of the vagina, making it more vulnerable to the infection. Yeast is found in the vagina of all women however, infections are developed in the area when favorable bacteria to body, are overcome by the extensive production of yeast. There is nothing to worry about. Lactacyd is a type of aMetrozondale antibiotic feminine wash that you can use it to clean and wipe the vagina. Use it once in a day to maintain a hygiene environment while you take Flagyl and Enoxabid. If you donot want to use Lactacyd, you can use any other good feminine wash to keep your vagina clean. This practice of cleaning will obstruct the production of more bacteria in the vagina, empowering its natural defensive abilities. Youcan use this wash everyday to feel fresh as it’s not harmful to your genital in any way.
Additional precautionary measures: If you intent to follow the treatment of leucorreah as depicted above you must be take additional precautionary measures to maximize the effects of the medication.
1) Get up early in the morning and eat breakfast
2) Drink a lot of water, nearly 8 glass per day
3) Take fresh juices and salads
4) Don’t eat to your heart-fill, keep a space.
5) Perform workout and try to inhale as much fresh air as you can.
6) Take both tablets only for seven days (not less and not more) without missing out on a single dose.
7) Restrain from drinking beers, alcohols, and wines while you are taking the drugs
8) Give up the smoking for seven days until your course completes
9) Don’t eat too much spices and chicken
10) Take sleep for at least eight hours

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