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Reasons for Thick White Discharge

A female vaginal discharge doesn’t always mean that something is wrong. However, it can be alarming if you haven’t ever witnessed anything like this before. Having a a clear and thin secretion is absolutely normal and can be experienced before as well as after the menstrual cycle. This generally lasts a few days and usually clears itself after some time. But if the vaginal discharge is accompanied by a foul smell or color it can be due to some vaginal infection. Reasons for thick White Discharge can vary from one person to another and it is important to know the real reason behind it before starting with any medication.
Common reasons for different discharge problems in females:-
• If you notice that the discharge is extremely thick and bright white and also has consistently like cottage cheese, then it can be due to a yeast infection which will require proper treatment. In most of the cases this is a sign of Candida infection. This discharge also causes itchiness and can have little or no odor.
• It is not a very difficult task to get rid of this infection, but it is very important to make sure that Candida is completely killed so that the problem doesn’t reoccur. Excessive white vagina discharge can be a very frustrating and an embarrassing affair. It is vital to do the right thing at the right time. It should be noted that there are also various over the counter medications which will give only temporary relief but will not cure the root cause of the problem. It is to be noted that yeast infection can spread from one person to another through sexual intercourse.
• If you ever notice that the vaginal discharge is yellowish in color and can vary from light yellow, dark yellow to brown and is accompanied by foul smell then it is probably due to bacterial infection. This type of vaginal infection can be easily spotted from the symptoms and the smell. The discharge can also cause itching but it is the unbearable foul smell which can cause a lot of embarrassment. One of the most common infections is the Bacterial vaginosis, but needs proper treatment.there are various effective home remedies which will prevent the problem for alleviating and provide relief. Bacterial vaginosis is not sexually transmitted like the Candida infection, but can lead to a lot of trouble if you are pregnant.
• Some of the other reasons are unhealthy lifestyle, inadequate sleep, using perfumed products to clean the vagina, anxiety, stress, using dirty toilets, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.
But not every discharge from the vagina is a matter of concern. It is a commonly occurring process and is an important part of the reproductive cycle in women. You will generally notice a lot of secretion during the time of ovulation, but this is a healthy sign and has nothing to do with infection if there are no other symptoms. Any difference in consistency, smell, color needs immediate supervision of a doctor.

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