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Leukorrhea Treatment in Unani

This ancient system of curing diseases has proved to be of great help in curing the Leucorrhea symptoms. In this the richness of the different herbs is used to cure this problem faced by many of the females. The combinations help in improving the immunity, strength, will and endurance. The herbs used are completely safe and restore the normal functioning of the gonads. These herbs help in the production of the appropriate hormones, which help in the proper functioning of the ovaries and thus starting the normal menstruation cycle again. They reduce inflammations, allergies and control the excessive white discharge from the vagina. Some of the important herbs which can be used as the Unani medicine for white discharge treatment are Aloe Barbadensis, Rubia Cordifolia, Saraka Indica, Aloe Vera Juice, Terminalia Belerica, Terminalia Chebula, Commiphora Mukul and Symplocus Racemosa.

Treatment for white discharge in women:
One of the breakthroughs in the field of Leucorrhea treatment is a formulation known as the Lady Care Capsules. The basic purpose of this medication is basically to restore the normal physiology in the female body. The treatment is effective in correcting the hormonal imbalances by acting as endocrine regulator. This medicine for Leucorrhea has been proven clinically in the management of the white vaginal discharge. This medication deals with gynecological disorders and is not associated with side effects.

Lady Care Capsules is known to have a positive effect on the uterine circulation and helps in controlling Leucorrhea by exhibiting strict action genital tract’s mucous membrane. It effectively maintains normal pH in the vagina and has outstanding effect on the overall health of the females. The capsules also restore the vitality of the reproductive tissues by restrengthening them. It is known to act against the excessive and thick vaginal discharge conditions and also effectively help in getting rid of the vaginal odor.

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