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Unani medicine in white discharge

The most common problem amongst women is white discharge & in some cases is considered to be normal but then again if it is under control. The various problems associated with excessive white discharge is fatigue, tiredness, lack of appetite, irritant behaviour and difficult sexual life.

The white vaginal discharge basically is a defence system occurring in the female body but this can turn out to be a real matter of concern as it is a sign of infection or some problem.

Leucoherra is also referred to as white discharge in common language. Generally the discharge is thick and white and has a foul smell and whitish secretion occurring is because of the action of cervical and endometrial glands. Glands in the cervix and the walls of the vagina normally produce mucus which is clear. This is quite common among females in childbearing age.

These secretions can turn full white or yellow when exposed to the air.
Some of the basic safety measures which can be used to prevent the flow of white discharge are hygiene, cleanliness, and a proper care with a good sleep. The main tips to follow are:
• Wearing loose-fitting clothes.
• Wearing cotton underwear. Cotton increases air flow and decreases moisture buildup.
• Avoid wearing panty while sleeping thus allowing the air to pass through.

Women should:
• Know more about how to properly clean the genital area while bathing or showering.
• Always practice safe sex, when in doubt use condoms.
• Wipe properly after using the toilet.
• Wash thoroughly always while using bathroom (before & after).

Also besides undergoing precautions, a good & sound sleep is also must. Doing stress reduction exercises regularly, increase your resistance to infection. Helps develop the immune system and following proper procedure of life helps you get rid of the problem.
There are various methods, medications also available to prevent this problem but sometimes it is seen that certain medicines might have side effects resulting in other problems and a properly safe method should be used.

Unani has many good remedies and medicines to cure the disease.
It does not have any ill effects.

There are various remedies with homely magical medicinal values that helps curing the problem.
1) Boil of horse gram and then consumption of that water helps fight the problem.
2) A proper cleaning of the vaginal area with alum water also helps.
3) Do not scratch the vaginal area and harm yourself in case of itching. Wash it properly from back to front with water and also make sure of not using the soap, Luke warm water helps best.
4) The Pushyamunga powder has good medicinal value and for best result should be consumed with milk.
5) Another very important remedy to cure leucoherra is douching the genital area with decoction of the banyan barks and figs. Cleansing it with its powder helps a lot.
6) Unani treatment does not believe in much medication and their theories to lessen the risk and also are beneficiary.

These treatments done from Unani or with some home remedies should be taken. Avoid making use of medicines which otherwise might be harmful.

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