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What Causes a Thick White Discharge in Women?

A Thick White Discharge in Women or Leucorrhea can be a matter of grave concern. In fact, this kind of vaginal discharge is embarrassing and can cause serious problems in some of the women. This is caused due to yeast infection and the ideal way to deal with it is to start the treatment quickly. The symptoms include thick white discharge which appears like cottage cheese, inflamed and red vulva, pain while urinating and during intercourse, chronic itching. The discharge can smell like beer or baker’s yeast and in some cases there is no smell. If the smell is entirely different then probably it is due to bacterial vaginosis or bacterial infection. Some of the symptoms under chronic conditions are fatigue, food cravings which are unexplained, feeling tired all the time and joint aches. These are the indicators that the yeast causing thick white discharge in women has overgrown. Consulting a physician is recommended before starting any course of treatment.
Causes of thick white discharge (Leucorrhea):-
• It is caused due to the presence and proliferation of fungus which is yeast like and is known as “Candida Albicans”. Under normal circumstances, it is not a matter of concern as it resides naturally in human body and do not cause any harm. The friendly bacteria of the body make sure that things are under control and Candida fungus does not cause any harm.
• It is only under the conditions where the normal levels of the friendly bacteria is depleted the Candida growth can go out of control and give rise to yeast infection. It is also referred to as candidiasis and candida.
• The various causes which trigger the condition are diabetes, immune deficiency, drugs, steroids, antibiotics, conditions like AIDS or HIV, stress, etc.
In addition to the various symptoms and the causes of the discharge problems there are few other contributory factors alleviating the condition like wearing sweaty and damp sports wear or underwear, having sex with a person who is already infected, feminine sprays, douches, perfumed sanitary pads, using underwear which is extremely tight or non breathable.
It is to be kept in mind that Leucorrhea can turn to be very serious if not taken care of properly well in time. Most of the ladies facing the problem of excessive white thick discharge opt for Leucorrhea Treatment like pessaries and topical creams prescribed by the medical practitioners. But many people witness the recurrence of the symptoms once the application of the cream is stopped. It has been seen in various situations that once the patient stop applying the topical ointments or creams the yeast infection takes place again. This can be due to the fact that such medications are acting only on localized signs of the infection and not on main cause. There are effective formulations available in market known as Lady Care Capsules which prove to be of immense help in Leucorrhea Treatment and act on the endometrial system and help in controlling the problematic white discharge.

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