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White Discharge After Period

The vaginal discharge is of great help in moistening and cleaning the vagina. This also fight and prevents infection. But the color and texture of the vaginal discharge can vary depending on the menstrual cycle of a female. A normal White Discharge After Period and before the beginning of the menstrual cycle is a normal process and is not a sign of any problem. But there can also be times when a different looking vaginal discharge can be due to some major reason. One needs to pay attention in the following situations:-
• If the color of the discharge is greenish, brownish or grayish.
• If the secretion from the vagina appears like pus.
• If the vaginal discharge is similar in appearance to cottage cheese.
• If it is foamy looking.
• If the vaginal discharge is accompanied by unpleasant or strong smell.
• In the presence of other symptoms like swelling, burning or redness.
• In case of pain in belly or the pelvic area.

If these signs are absent and there is no major discomfort associated with the discharge then it is perfectly normal and is in fact a healthy sign. But before coming to any conclusion it is important to gain knowledge about the different kinds of discharges in women.

Different Types of Vaginal Discharge in Females:-
1. White Discharge: The discharge which is white in color and is thick is usually common before the commencement or at the end of the menstrual cycle. But it is to be noted that the normal white discharge will not be accompanied by any other symptom like itching. Itching with the white discharge is generally a sign of a yeast infection.

2. Discharge which is stretchy and clear: This kind of secretion is the “fertile” mucous. This is an indication of ovulation.

3. Watery and clear discharge: This kind of vaginal discharge can appear at diverse times during the menstrual cycle. It can be heavy generally after exercising, but doesn’t mean anything serious.

4. Discharge which is green or yellow: This can definitely be a sign of an infection. If the discharge is clumpy or thick and has a foul odor, then the opinion of the doctor is important.
5. Brown Discharge: This kind of vaginal discharge is usually seen right after the monthly periods and doesn’t mean anything more than the cleansing of the vagina.

6. Blood or Brown Discharge: This is generally seen while ovulation or during the middle of the cycle. Also, it is seen sometimes during the early pregnancy. But if not accompanied by any other major symptom it is a normal affair.

It is very important to differentiate between the normal and abnormal discharge. There are various factors which need to be considered before analyzing the vaginal discharge. Factors like the age of the patient, signs like itching and pain, pregnancy, malnutrition, any other health related issues like diabetes, kind of lifestyle and diet have a major impact on the different kinds of vaginal discharges in women.


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  1. Hi I am Jea and 28 years old, my mensuration cycle is normal and starts from 22 and ends 28, but after ending the period i have a watery discharge till another cycle, it has been going on for the last 3 months sometimes it is okay, there is no itching, no pain and no bad smell but when it starts along with this i have pelvic pain and abdominal, would you please tell me the treatment.

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